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About me

My name is Logan and I have been working behind the camera for over five years. I have a young and creative mind set that I use to help make my photography and videography stand out. Growing up in Utah I have always been surrounded by beauty that inspires. I have always had a passion for working with cameras. When I was just seven years old I received my first camera and through time I have build an understanding and connection with the art. 

High school is when I knew I wanted to work with cameras for the rest of my life. I worked hard, studied hours of video, and participated in festivals. My senior year I took part in 4 festivals and received 9 combined awards, 3 of which took first place. Since then I have moved to freelance work. I have been working with marketing agencies to create video content for their clients, as well as picking up concert photography gigs on the way.


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"Every shot, every lens, every frame counts"

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